Land Rover emblem

Land Rover
is a British car brand. It was created in 1978 as a company built from the 1948 Land Rover SUV series of the manufacturer Rover.

Rover was in 1966 part of the state organization of the British vehicle manufacturer British Leyland. 1978 Land Rover into a separate company within the group Jaguar Rover Triumph.

In 1994, it was first sold to the German car manufacturer BMW. From 2000 the company was (along with Jaguar and Volvo and Aston Martin to early 2007) for Premier Automotive Group of the American Ford group, who sold it in March 2008 to the Indian Tata Group.

In addition the company will also be vehicles, in particular the successor to the original series, the Defender, but occasionally the other three product lines, Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander, colloquially "Landy" called.

On 28 December 2012 the business of the Land Rover private unlimited company was transferred to Jaguar Cars Limited and changed its name as part of its Jaguar Land Rover Limited. The Land Rover private unlimited company persists, the brand name will continue to be carried on separately.