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(吉利 汽车 chinese (traditionally) / 吉利 汽车 (simplified) Jí Li Qi Che, auspicious Automobiles') is a Chinese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. The headquarters of Geely Holding is located in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province. Geely has seven locations to complete production of cars. These include the cities of Linhai, Luqiao and Ningbo in Zhejiang province and Shanghai, Xiangtan, Hunan, Shandong Jinan, Lanzhou in Gansu. Another location for the production of parts is located in Chengdu in Sichuan.

The competent authority for the export and import "Geely International Corporation" was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Shanghai.

The company operates Geely (Licensed Products CKD / SKD) and the brand Emgrand (100 percent in-house developments), Englon (JV models), London Taxi (bought), Panda (small cars), Shanghai Maple Automobile Maple Automobile (bought) and Volvo (2010 bought).